Stephan Hasert P&IM offers various services in the e-mobility value chain and in digitalisation

Cost and process optimisation along the value chain … Digitalisation is the path to Industry 4.0. By retrofitting existing production plants with the help of TPM or PdM concepts, machine downtimes are reduced, better utilisation or wear of tools is achieved, efficient and reliable production control/planning, reduction of scrap, visual production based on production parameters […]

Stephan Hasert P&IM supports the group for children with tumours- and leukaemia Ulm e.V.

Stephan Hasert P&IM is committed to the fight for children with tumours and leukaemia. Donations are always welcome and help not only the affected children, but also their siblings and family members. We will gladly forward your donation for numerous projects to the above-mentioned Förderkreis Ulm e.V. Everyone can help, even with a small financial […]

Stephan Hasert P&IM assists in applying for various government aid programmes for advisory services

The programme “Promotion of Entrepreneurial Know-How” promotes consultations for small and medium-sized enterprises.The enterprises can receive advice from qualified, consultants on all economic, financial, personnel and organisational questions of business management. Likewise, enterprises in difficulty receive a consultancy grant on all issues relating to the restoration of performance and competitiveness. Firms in difficulty can receive […]